20 September 2008

NZ Rundown

After finally putting all the details in my blog nearly 7 months after the fact makes it sound a little bit actual factual. But trust me I had a really good time on this trip. Got to see snow for the first time. Saw some of the most amazing scenery you could imagine with the Milford Sound being the highlight. But a lot of the north island is really pretty. You get tired from taking your camera out and when presented with yet another perfect vista you start to think "Nah, I've got plenty already."

And I think we travelled well together. Although I don't think Bill wants to be anywhere near my room in any future trips (I apparently snore loud enough to cause vibrations in his bed, or at lest Bill claims he could "feel" it in his bed, a bit of a princess and the pea if you ask me but anyway). But we didn't get on each others' nerves too much, which when you consider how much close contact we had (ie sharing rooms, all in the same car for three weeks). It could easily get old very quickly.

So yes, great holiday, would go back in a heartbeat.

Now I just need to post my diary from 2007 when we went to Japan. I found it again the other day.

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