01 September 2008

NZ 01/09/08

0700 Auckland

A 0730 start today. Made it onto the motor way after only two wrong turns!!

Once we got out of Auckland proper there were some really amazing views. Then we hit a fog bay. It got really thick at times with visibility cut down to less than 50 meters. Don't see that very often in Darwin. Though it cleared up after 20 minutes of driving. The outside temperature got as low as 8ÂșC. We travelled 260km in about 3 hours before arriving in Waitomo to go and see the glow worms in a caving system. Amazing. A lot of fun, worth braving the freezing waters to get through it.

Travelled another 1.5hrs to get to Rotorua. Mmmm lovely sulphur! Reminded me of the seaweed that use to wash up on the beaches down in Victor Harbour in South Australia it would then start to rot if not swept away again.

That night in Rotorua, we had a buffet dinner that distinguishes itself by being the worst meal I've had in a long time. It was like a twilight zone, you could recognise what the foods were meant to be, but everything did not taste as it should. Bleah.

Bit wiped out today. Did a lot of travel and the caves was pretty tiring (you would be too walking for 3 hours in a wetsuit and gumboots).

Tomorrow we are off to see the thermal areas, the skyway lookout, a cultural display and dinner.

Tomorrow: Rotorua.

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