04 September 2008

NZ 04/09/08

1950 Tongario

A nice easy start to the day, but we had a few kilometres to travel today. First we had to go back to Rotorua, then onwards for another hour to Lake Taupo. We stopped at Lake Huka and Huka Falls on the way. Took some photos of the falls because a very large amount of water flows through a narrow channel. The water is so clean. But too cold for this tropical boy to consider swimming in.

We kayacked on Lake Taupo like we planned. The water temperature was 10ºC and the air was around 15. We were afraid that the weather would turn bad, but it cleared up to turn into a really nice day. 3 other Aussies also kayacked on the same day. AJ's from the Airforce. But they made good company.

Although we had thought that the carvings were hundreds of years old, but it turns out they are only 15. Very impressive though. They did it to help preserve the skill of stone carving.

Afterwards we went to a hot spring pools which was just the thing after a day spent on the water.

Another 1·5 drive (which nobody wanted to do because we all just wanted to sleep), landed us in our hotel for the night Chateau Tongario. It's about 5ºC outside atm. But the room is so stuffy we've opened a couple of windows while we went to dinner.

Bax thinks the pollen from the pine forrests were setting off major sneezing fits. Max of 4 in one set so far.

Too cold to go walking around, not much to see anyway. Been a long day. Got another long drive tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Wellington.

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