15 September 2008

NZ 15/09/08

Today is the last day in Queenstown. We spent the day snowboarding at the Remarkables. Not a bad day all in all. The snow was a bit slushy, and the wheather got cold when the wind picked up.

Took a couple of big falls today, so am thankful I hired a crash helmet and Billy recommended that I buy wrist-guards. They got put to some heavy use today.

Have the most fantastic bruise on the back of my right knee. See if I can find the photo. It was right where the chair lift bar would sit behind the knee. Very sore.

Ugh, need to do laundry tonight and get some souvenirs for family.

Lick has the best Gelato I have ever tasted. Their mint choc chip is to die for.

Long day drive tomorrow to Christchurch.

Before I sign off for the day a stocktake from my first time snowboarding:

Learnt this trip:

Standing up, heelside, toeside and very wide and slow interchange, small jumps.

At the cost of:

1. Several stacks (both forwards and backwards. I would say that forwards is the worse than backwards). 1 very impressive bruise on back of Right knee, accompanying sorness with same.

2. Mid back, general soreness.

3. Left ankle, sore from nearly twisting it going arse over tit comming off a chair lift.

4. Back deltoid of Right shoulder, sore from fall. Turning ability compromised!

5. Sternocleidomastoids (both sides), sore from head hitting snow hard during particularly hard fall.

6. Slight headache if I move my head too quickly.

Worth it? Hell YES!! I had so much fun this last week. Can't wait 'till I can do it again.

Tomorrow: Christchurch.

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