06 September 2008

NZ 06/09/08

1935 Saturday

We got to the ferry after some confusion about which wharf complex the ferry terminals are located on (the harbour seems to have 3 separate complexes for shipping and the like). Finally we got there with about 20mins spare. And we all breathed a sigh of relief.

The Interislander is pretty big. Has 5 decks including two cinemas.

Oh and this was just hilarious, and I made fun of Bill the rest of the trip was when we went to put some of our backpaks into the lockers.

Now, 95% of the blame rests with Bill, I may accept 5%, but that's only because I trusted that Bill knew what he was talking about.

Bill thought from previous experience with locker systems that someone had not paid for (or else the time limit had expired) a locker that had a laptop in it. So Bill pulled out the other stuff and put in his some of mine and Baz's stuff as well. Then I closed the door, and I heard a metallic 'click', then I tried to open it it wouldn't open. Then after actually reading the instructions printed in easy to read big letter, we concluded that the guy had in fact paid for the locker, he just forgot to lock it. So now we have our snacks, road maps and souvenirs in a lockerto which we don't know the combination to...

Anyway, we decided to worry about that at the end of the trip, and had a look around the ferry.

We have 'heavy' seas today with swells topping out at 4m high. Apparently they get as high as 8 metres...

It's 5ÂșC outside, blowing a gale, and to complete the trifecta, it's raining. Yay.

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