18 July 2007

And Then There Was An Update! Or At Least It Will Be!!

Hi all.

It's was my intention to increase updates as the time got closer, but that that hasn't eventuated!!!

Anyway, met up with my friends who I am going to Japan with. There is talk of attending a baseball game whilst in Tokyo. Also we might be going to a concert or something as well (to what I don't know, the details were rather vague.)

23 Days to go...
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09 July 2007

Nothing But Blue Skys Over Me

Well, it seems like I am on the mend. Headache is almost gone. Don't feel so drowsy any more. Still got a sore throat, which air-conditioning exacerbates. But feeling not too bad. As daytime tv is so bad, I hired some stand up performances by Billy Connelly. He is, by far, one of my favourite comedians. The only one who tops him in my book is Bill Cosby.

Wow, thanks to this cold I have, I haven't managed to catch up with any of the other people coming on the trip.

Oh! But I have found some things to do in Hakone. Each of us have been given a area/city with which to gather some points of interest that we will see when we get there. After much searching and some advice from some friends of friends who have lived in Japan, I finally found some good places to go.

The Outdoor Art Museum looks great. The Hakone Glass Forest is apparently a must see. There is a part of the old road to Lake Ashinoko which has some historic temple at the end of it (plus a good vantage for taking pictures of Fuji-san). Taking the cable car up to Tozan.There is a board walk through some wetlands (though it will be summer so not sure how appealing it will be then). And having a ride back across the lake in a 'Pirate' ship is recommended. One of those 'so bad it's good' kind of things.

So there is a bit to think about...

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06 July 2007

If Yer Sick, Give Work The Flick

People who come into work sick. I hate them.

I have just gone back to my old workplace after 13 months in another department. There has, during the previous week, a nasty cold that struck down no less than 4 people. Some of these people were not feeling 100% on Monday, but decided to come in anyway. I have not been back at work for not even a whole week and I have already caught what everyone else has...Not happy Jan.

I work for the State (well, Territory) Government, and each and everyone of us gets 3 weeks of sick leave a year. If you are sick, you take the f*cking day off. You don't come into work so you can give it to other people. I am annoyed at my work colleagues because
I have a propensity to get secondary chest infections from these little colds and flu's that take me weeks to get over. Hopefully, this will just turn out to be a head cold and will f*ck off in a couple of days.

- Grover

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Show Me The Yen...

Okay, while I am in a posting mood...

Yen is back up again 1 AUD = 105.383 JPY

Very Nice. Apparently it is a 15 high (or low depending on on which country you are in).

- Grover

34 Days to go...
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Come Fly With Me

Gomenasai minna-san!

I have, apparently, been lazy...June 20th was my last update? Is my everyday life that uneventful?

Well, this'll fix that.

Yesterday I finally purchased the tickets that will get me to Singapore to catch the flight that will take me to Tokyo. Yay for organisation. I have had the Sing/Tokyo/Sing part of the journey booked and paid since April, but hadn't yet booked the leg to get me to Sing from Darwin. And the fare options were starting to get less and less so I thought that I should hurry up and get it done.

You see, I was originally I was going to go to Cairns instead of returning straight to Darwin for the return. But after some checking, the fares would have been nearly $1000 more to go Tokyo/Cairns/Darwin than what is to go Tokyo/Darwin then Darwin/Cairns/Darwin.

It is looking like I will be getting a separate flight to Cairns the day after I get back to Darwin.

So am happily booked, my leave is approved. Just need to work out how much clothes I will need to take.

While I am in Cairns I am looking at going out to the Great Barrier Reef for a day Scuba diving and maybe some white water rafting before I head inland to visit Mum and Dad. Mum doesn't know that I am coming to visit yet so it'll be a big surprise for her.

And does anyone else find this funny?

News Story

- Grover

34 Days to go...
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