02 September 2008

NZ 02/09/08

1615 Rotorua

The thermal areas are about a 20min drive out of Rotorua. There are lots of mudpools. Got a photo that looks really funny out of one of them. Looks like a mud man is bursting up from below. We saw the Lady Cook geyser erupt. yay. Then had a look at the rest of the park which took roughly 3 hours. Took some interesting photos. It was fairly cold all day. It rained while the geyser was doing it's thing. And again, Barry wants me to write: "We think here is where the cover for his raincoat got lost".

We had lunch in an Irish pub back in town. I think I had the Guiness soup. Really good warm food.

Then we went up the skyway gondala and kart. We went on the Sky Swing. I bought the video. It's quite hilarious. I'll have to see if I can upload it somewhere and post a link (don't hold your breath). Our reactions are hilarious, I really enjoyed it, Bill almost as much as me, Barry was a bit more subdued, I must say. Though the death grip on the handle would have done Bruce Lee proud.

We then luged 6 times. It's fairly fun, though a bit tricky to handle as the kart only has three wheels. And the brakes shouldn't be called brakes, or perhaps they should because they were obviously broken...

Off to the Cultural Display tonight then over to White Island tomorrow.

Tomorrow: White Island


Just came back from the NZ Culture dinner. We had quite a fun night. Billy got to be the Chief of Our Village (Our bus, our name was Whoweare, I managed to mangle this into the much more humorous Whoarewe). Bill was selected to pick up the Peace Offering (a leafy twig). We didn't get to ask much of the performers before we were hearded to the stage performance which wasn't bad, but not long enough really.

Met a couple of nice Americans, Nate (they do exist), though this was offset by this particularly loud, obnoxious american woman from NY city. Typical americal. Don't care if you are jet lagged. Some semblance of manners should still be retained. Anyway we tried to have as little to to with her and had a good conversation with Nate. Forgot to get his email, oh well. Got a video of Bill doing the haka. Funny. Although he did get the hand shakey bit down pretty well.

Our driver was a riot, made us sing songs on the way back to our accommodation. Bill, Baz, remember "She'll be Comming around the moutain"?.

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