31 July 2008

Push It Good

Still continuing with week 2 of push-up program.
It's not exactly easy, but the increase is within my capability apparently.
If you look at the first day of week one, the total number of push ups was 34, and yesterday I did a total of 66, so that's a big improvement already.
- Grover

Thar She Blows

Eh he.

Oh Noes! We shaped our broadband plan this month!!

My flatmate and I download all shows in stead of watching TV. I download around 10+GB a month of anime, and my flatmate downloads a bit from a private tracker that has all series produced by the BBC. Throw in youTube, messaging, Digg, I-Am-Bored and Kwoff, we usually download around 40GB a month.

So far this month we have hit 63GB, and we have been shaped down to dial up speeds.

The Horror!!

Especially interesting is that we downloaded 14GB alone on the 29th.
Another 24 hours before the speed get reset...

- Grover

30 July 2008

Funny Site

Blog here, of some one who is counting down 1000 awesome things.
Some interesting thought processes at work mixed with some good humour.
972 things to go.
Although I do wonder what the # 1 most awesome thing will be...

- Grover

23 July 2008

Not Having Fun!!

Ugh. Push ups.

A total of 5 sets with the following repetitions:

Head is slightly spinning.

Here's a tip for all you young, fit kids: Don't allow yourself to get unfit. Problem solved.

- Grover.

22 July 2008

Wax On, Wax Off

Got my back waxed yesterday.
I did it now so that I can get it done again before I head to NZ.
It had been a little while since I had last had it done so it smarted a bit. Especially the hair that's down the middle of my back. You just hope that the sadist, sorry, beauty therapist rips the strips off quickly.
Feels funny to have my shirt right against my skin again. I had forgotten what that's like. Weird.
- Grover

21 July 2008

Just kill Me...

Okay just did first day of Push Ups. Sets of 10/10/8/6 then did a maximum of 11.

Feel a little bit light headed, but will recover. But good god I have six weeks of this? He he I might have to challenge Billy at the end. See how many he can do.

Just need to cut down on amount of food I seem to be consuming these days and any [ahem] sugary drinks.

It's also a little frustrating in that I used to be able to one handed push-ups no problem.

But sensible weight loss is dedication and determination.

- Grover.

Exercise: It's good for you.

Okay tested myself for push-ups yesterday. Managed to do 21. Which means that today I get to do two sets of 10, one of 8, one of 6 and try for maximum (at least 7).

Yay. Lucky me.

Oh, have to tell you about training last Thursday.

Finally got to a training session with my teacher (I can't call him sifu yet, he is very traditional about things like that) after two weeks off sick.

It was the first lesson back so I suppose I should know better than to go too hard too soon. But I haven't learnt that lesson yet, and it doesn't look like I will start anytime soon.

Anyway. Arrived late - forgot the class now starts at 6 not 6:15. So, straight into stances. They all have names, which I can't remember. But suffice to say, they are not easy to hold. And if they ever feel easy then you are not doing them right.

Anyways, I was doing them and putting a lot of effort into them and the last Maboo I went down to nearly as low as teacher, mostly managed to hold it, then when we finished, you straighten to a standing position.

And all sounds suddenly faded as my sense of hearing went. It felt as though all the blood in my body was in my head and I could feel this prickling sensation going up to the top of my scalp. And I remember a part of my brain thinking "That's it. I'm having a brain aneurysm, I'm going to die." But then decided that sitting down while I was able to was the best idea, I was able to breath better and the feelings of imminent death subsided. It took me about 10 minutes
to get back to normal. But it was actually scary for a moment to two.

Fun times.

- Grover

Speak of the Devil.

He he.

The quote of the day on my desk calendar is:

"Do not speak of a rhinoceros if there is no tree nearby" - African (Zulu) Proverb.

Sound advice...

- Grover.

19 July 2008

More - See!!

Ah tired.

Friday night - well Saturday morning. As you may have noticed that I changed the title of blog as it contains things beyond (and before) my trip to Japan in 2007. Plus the thought of Grover as a ninja is amusing to me.

Must buy a good jacket for NZ. I don't have anything that will keep me warm in sub 10 degree temperatures.

Here is what I was thinking of getting: Link

Looks good, able to pair it up with other clothes for extra warmth, or it will be okay on it's own.

In other news:

AUD$1.00 = NZD$1.27

So it is like everything is on a 30% sale. Woot!

Heh, been reading some Japan blogs of other people. Brings back memories. I would like to go back some time. See more of Hakone and Hokkaido. But there is so much of the world that I want to see, another trip to Japan will have to wait.

Currently Reading: No Humans Involved.

17 July 2008

Sooo, fitness drive?

Yes, yes, get ready for another spate of sporadic posts...

In line with recognition that my weight is creeping up towards 100Kg again. I am having to think about doing something about.

I was a part of the goNT drive program which lasted for 8 weeks (and ended about two weeks ago). Although some of the exercises were hard to get to (start times were at 5pm), as well as some of them being unsuitable for me (one class, called "Body Attack" turned out to be too much for some of my joints to handle). As well as getting really busy working my second job trying to save some money for the New Zealand trip, that the last 3 weeks sort of fell into a big steaming pile of the mush.

But I am eating better, flatmate cooks a mean veggie soup which we use as a simple meal; usually as a small dinner.

Found a exercise program that should enable you to do 100 push ups in 6 weeks. Linky here. It seems rather straight forward, and would tie in rather well as I have 6 WEEKS UNTIL I LEAVE FOR NEW ZEALAND!!

If I tie in some regular long walks, less coke, some crunches, squats and lunges I might be in a better place by the time we are due to go skiing. As well as fitting into all the medium Threadless T's I now own...

And speaking of NZ, we have paid for Airfares, accommodation, car hire and ferry transfer through a travel agent. We will try to get the activites/tours we want to go on squared away by end of July. We'll see how we will go with that...

I am also going to visit Mum and Dad in Queensland before heading back to Darwin. Go out to the Reef, that sort of thing...

Need to buy some good cold weather stuff for NZ as the top average temperature we can expect will be around 11ÂșC... Brr that's cold for this tropical boy.

More to follow...

- Grover
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