03 October 2008

Some good news

Yeah yeah, little happening in the way of updates. As usual.

Shall be remied by this post!

I am back at work and this week has been so hetic with preparing the budget for the year. But that's what this big boy position is all about I suppose.

I kept a journal of my time and virtually made an entry for each day while I was in NZ. I'll gradually post them here, don't hold your breath because 20 odd posts ain't going to happen quickly...

I am still waiting for the position I'm currently sitting in to be advertised so I can apply for it which if I get would be very nice indeed. I like earning a bit more money. Starting to recover from holiday, just need to pay off credit card now...

I sorta slipped off doing the 100 push ups thing, but I did a exhaustion test and managed to put out 30 after 5 weeks of inactivity so things are not so bad. I'll start week three of program next week. There is a site that allows people who are following the program to list their achievements and track how well they are going. It's at:


My profile is: ninjagrover. Although nothing will show up until I put an entry of an actual workout, not the exhaustion test. Strange.

Also, changed a shift so my Tuesdays are now free to attend the sword class with my instructor.

Another bit of news regarding my training.

Last night after training, my instructor asked me where I thought I was going with training and where I would like to go. I answered that I thought I would like to study a hard style (mantis).

Kevin thought that was fine, then he asked me with his master coming out to Australia, what I thought about perhaps becomming a deciple to his master's school next. All formal and infront of his master...


Totally stoaked as Kevin wouldn't ask anybody to become one of his diciple. He has a couple of criteria that he uses and apparently he thinks well enough of me to become a desciple.

I'll have to ask what's involved and what would be expected of me as Kevin is quite traditional in this aspect of his martial arts, and this wouldn't be a undertaking to be taken lightly.


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