14 September 2008

NZ 14/09/08

Big day trip out to the Milford Sound, or more accurately, Fjord.

We stopped as a couple of places (wanaka) during the 6 hr trip. Then we went on a boat cruise down the Fjord to the sea and back again. Some of the most amazing scenery I've seen so far whilst in NZ. Although it was a bit hard to take photos with my camera because of a light drizzel. But was able to use the wide angle to take some nice photos.

On the way there we saw a rare parrot. Yay.

Also, it was only when the bus promptly went past our accommodation, that we learnt that we were on the wrong bus company. Although we are blaming the bus driver for that one. Baz showed him the booking voucher and Val (the driver) said "Yep, hop on." So we did >.<

If you are anywhere near Queenstown and have a day spare, it's worth the visit. On the day we went there was a lot of cloud cover and rain, but that made it look very ephemeral. Very cool.

Next: Queenstown.

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