16 September 2008

NZ 16/09/08


Easy start to the day. Passes Lake Tekeo and had a take some photos. The water was sky blue. Very different. Wonder what makes it that colour.

Baz chickened out of driving us through the city to the hotel and switched with me before we drove into the City itself.

After a 5hr drive and checking into the hotel (which doesn't have aircon - very bizarre to this tropical boy) we had a look around some of teh street and the Botanic Gardens (the latter of which was really good - got some good photos).

It's interesting that Auckland reminds me so much of Melbourne it isn't funny, and Christchurch reminds me of Adelaide it's amazing. Especially the suburbs. Major Deja vu.

We watched Tropic Thunder which I found pretty funny. Then we had dinner in a Irish Pub (of which there are many) which was good.

We've got a rest day tomorrow to catch up. Will probably go and see the Antartic Center or something the there is the Tram dinner.

Next: Christchurch

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