18 September 2008

NZ 18/09/08

Last day in NZ.

Today was a much colder day than yesterday with the rain and all...which closed the Adrenlin Forest ¬.¬

Had a look at a kids science centre, but then the movie theater opened so we watched Taken with Liam Nielson instead. Very good non-stop action movie.

Checked into the flight, through customs, witing for plane to board. Hope the flight doesn't get delayed from the rain.

Once we reach Brisbane I'll wave Bill and Baz goodbye and catch another plane to Townsville.


Arrived in Brisbane feeling good. The combination of afternoon and good individual inflight entertainment helped a great deal. Bill and Baz have run off the the Virgin Blue lounge. So see ya at home guys. Bastards.

On board QF978 now waiting to taxi to runway. Looking forward to going out to the reef tomorrow. Then on to see Mum and Dad on Saturday...

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