11 November 2007

Pillow Talk

Hi All.

Yes, all in the name in blogging, I am about to post about my pillow.

I sleep on my side in a 'recovery' position you see in safety posters (get pain in the small of my back if I sleep on my back). Because of this I need a good high pillow that offers lots of support. After going through quite a few pillows over the year I have come across what may be the perfect pillow for me.

It' s latex and cost about $70. Moulded to have a slight concave depression in the middle and on the side so you shoulder fits in nicely. Very comfortable. Feels a little strange because it doesn't feel like foam. It's as if a foam pillow and a rubber mat had an illegitimate chlld.

Have had great nights sleep so far.


Hi All.

Yes, I'm a bit behind the times but finished Halo 3 last night.

First thought was that it was a bit short and a bit too easy. In the first halo, it took me a while to complete it even while on Normal. But that maybe just because I'm a lot better at it than I was when I played the first game. But Halo 2 wasn't easy on normal so go figure. Good to see the Brutes were toned down a tad. They were a f*cking pain in the arse in H2. Also just realising it now, I didn't find 1 plasma beam rifle. Maybe the Halo gods heard our prayers for a change (no jackals with plasma rifles or at least not as many).

Story wise 1 & 2 were more cohesive. 3 seems to lose it self a bit. But I do miss having to kill the elites. But I suppose the new and improved flood made up for it.

The spider flood looked to be a late addition. Their movement looked out of place with the rest of the flood characters. I found it interesting how the take over of human npc took about 5 seconds. When I first had one left he got an infection form, I just assumed that he would die, so wasn't really paying much attention to him. Then I noticed a flood combat form coming at me. So have to watch out for that. Also that previously "killed" flood can be reanimated if a new infection form attaches itself to the killed form. Very sneaky. I kept wondering why I was getting more flood attacking me from behind until I saw what would happen. Then it was "Right! No more ignoring the infection forms, try to kill as many as possible with the least amount of ammo."

Grunts are still fun. Fun to kill, fun to bash while asleep. All the comments they make.

The assault rifle is back!!! Happy happy joy joy. The flame thrower is cool how it doesn't force you to drop a weapon for it.

Does the rocket launcher still track enemy targets? Don't know, didn't use one rocket in the whole game.

The destruction of the covenant ships reactors was pathetically easy. Might as well had a touch panel that said "To Destroy Ship - Press Here".

I'm wondering how much harder the game is in Heroic and Legendary. Does the difficulty increase exponentially? Time will tell.

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After The Holiday and Stuff

Hi All.

I thought I would start posting again because I thought I may as well continue blogging.

Okay the rest of my holiday was spent with my parents in the tablelands inland from Cairns. Very pretty area. Where as most of Queensland is in drought, most of the Cairns area is still green. It was just coming off winter so it was quite cool. Days were around 18°C with nights dropping down to 5°C. It's lucky that I really enjoy cold weather ^.^

Visiting Mum and Dad was great. Helped them pack up the house (they have decided to sell and move down the coast a bit). They still had a shipping container, so we put everything into boxes and packed it all in to there. Dad and I ended up moving about 5 Tonne of stuff!

So have come back to Darwin at the start of the buildup. Or to the uninitiated, an increase in humidity and temperature, but no relief of rain for a couple of months. We get days of humidity of around 90% with temperatures of 32-35°C. We won't get any serious rain until well into December. Although we have been getting some fairly impressive isolated showers of late. But they are more trouble than they are worth. Because it doesn't rain enough to lower the temperature so we get insta-sweat-bath.

Oh! We ended up with 20 gigs of photos between us. When I work out how to post them you'll be able to see them.

Highlights of Japan:

1 Atomic Dome in Hiroshima (was really cool had the lunar eclipse over the top of it)
2 Climbing Fuji-san
3 Ladies in Kimonos
4 Getting my photo with Naruto (yes, a sad fan boy I am ^.^)
5 The shrines and temples in Kyoto (the Gold and Silver temples and the Water temple in particular)
6 Shinkansens!

Downlights of Japan:

1 Climbing down Fuji-san (really really unpleasant).
2 It's okay to smoke in restaurants
3 More remote places don't bother with romanji for train station names. Sometimes they even do away with hiragana too!

I've got more to post but this is turning into a big post so I'll leave it for now.

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