13 September 2008

NZ 13/09/08

Today seems to have turned into a rest day. Might go out for a walk in a bit and stretch the legs, might take some photos too.

<Later> We went for a drive and we nearly ran out of fuel going up to Wanaka. What we thought were little towns were just names of places alongside a lake. So we had to double back to the last town to get some fuel. >.<

Baz bunje'd from the AJ Hackett bridge and I filmed it (badly) for him.

Had dinner by the lake in Wanaka as the sun set it went behind the mountains. But my camera's batteries were flat, Bill took some so might post those.

The temperature really dropped quickly when the sun went. That sort of killed any further desire to look around, and we headed back to Queenstown.

Off to the Milford Sound tomorrow. Early start ¬.¬

Off to bed now...ugh. Tired.

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