13 August 2009

GAH!! The wait = Torture

I'm waiting to hear about a job I had an interview for last Thursday. Really hope I get it. Would love to be a permanent AO4.

The chairperson said they hoped to have an decision made by Friday, so hopefully I'll hear tomorrow whether I'll need to go back to Police or not.

Hope not, would be nice to go over to Europe on a 4's salary rather than a 3's.

- Grover.

10 August 2009

Movin' Right Along...

Heh, my brother-in-law finally gave me one of his old bikes to cycle to work.

I only live 2kms away from where I work, so it's ideal for me to be able to ride back and forth around town.

In fact I can ride quicker than what it takes me to drive to the carpark then walk to work.

So, I'm not using fuel during the week, I'm also saving at least $12 a week on parking fees (I know that it's not very expensive but that's still $600 a year).

However the greatest thing I should save money on is how much I spend on lunchs and drinks and snacks throughout the day. By eating lunch at home instead of buying lunch so that should save nearly $100 or so a week. Quite shocking when you think about it.

Another benefit is that I can more easily fit in some Baji practice into my day. Whereas before I was struggling to fit it into my day.

I'm able to get it done in around 20-25 minutes, then have a shower,lunch, then head back to work.

It makes for a busy day, but at one filled with lots of positives!! ^.^

- Grover.