03 September 2008

NZ 03/09/08

1740 Ohope

Hi All.

We had a bit of an earlyish start to the day (0630). We drove to Whatakane, where we were dut to go out to White Island, but that was cancelled as the seas were too rough apparently...

So instead we caught up with Barry's Nanna in Ohope. She is such an old dear.Then we had a round of golf at the course near the beach. It was a nice, fun afternoon. We had some drizzle which made it chilly for a bit, the sun came out again so it warmed back to 15ÂșC in no time! Even had to take my jacket off.

We did offer to take Baz's Nanna out to dinner but she refused in that polite stubborn way of the elderly. So she cooked up a nice dinner with home grown veggies that was really good.

Tomorrow we are off to Lake Taupo for some kyacking to some rock carvings. Hope the weather holds for it, no desire to be out on the lake in the rain...

Tomorrow: Lake Taupo.

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