18 March 2008

Storm Pics

It'll make all Mexicans jealous but here are some more storm pics from Darwin

Storm from work balcony a week before last:

More of the same storm front:

This storm continued more to the right across the harbour, but building blocked view...virtually 180 degrees of horizon was filled by this storm.

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Added some shared items from my google reader. Expect a lot of comics (I mainly use it to keep track of all the webcomics I read but other stuff will appear in there as well.

Bought a couple of 360 games recently. Have been playing them on and off.

First one was Eternal Sonata. It's a cute little RPG based on a Dream that Chopin is having. Free roam, turn based battle system. You do different attacks depending on if you are standing in light or shadow. Very cute. Hard core RPG fans would probably hate it, but I'm sorta new to RPG games so I like it.

JV Jones Fortress of Grey Ice. If you like fantasy, you may like this book. Author has also did the Baker's Boy. Excellent read.

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11 March 2008

Storm Pic

Hi All.

Just a quick pic of a that I took while on my way to my sisters and brother-in-law's:

Took the photo about 15mins too late, but I was driving and this was the first chance that I got to stop where the view was still okay.

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