07 September 2008

NZ 07/09/08

Sometime in the evening.

We have declared the cover of Baz's rain coat cover lost. A brief ceremony was held.

Father's day today. I'll see if I can get through to make a call later this evening.

It was a bit of a long day today. We all got muddy for no good reason. Yes we are all looking at you Barry. ¬.¬

On the way we stopped and had a look at the Pancake rocks and blow holes. Was a little bit different than the mental picture my imagination made up but took some good pictures. There were baby seals!! Cute.

Tonight we are staying in Greymouth, a little country town. It's only a motel, but so far it's the nicest place we have stayed in yet...

Another early start tomorrow, off to spend the day on Fox Glacier!

Tomorrow: Fox Glacier.

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