17 September 2008

NZ 17/09/08

Last full day in NZ.

We had a look around the Antartic Centre. They fed some penguins, rode inside a vehicle they use in Antartica. That was pretty crazy. When they went through a pit of muddy water, apparently there is a slight leak somewhere near my seat and jeans got a bit wet ¬.¬

We also went into the storm room which is kept at -8°C. They then stimulate a storm with winds up to 50km/h. The wind factor reduces the temperature to -25°C!! Fricken Freezing!! I tell you, my nose and cheaks really stung. Glad it only lasted a couple of minutes.

The Restruant tram was very nice. The loop isn't all that big, and the food was quite good. Not the smoothest ride, but maybe that's just because I haven't ridden many trams before...

We had a quick look around the casino, Bill reckons that he lost $800 on the pokies (really $4.00).

Packing suitcase, going to visit Adrenlin Forest tomorrow before heading out to the Airport. They've got Rope walkways and flying foxes and such. Looks like a lot of fun.

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