11 September 2008

NZ 11/09/08

Second day!

We went to the Remarkables today. Very odd compared to yesterday. It's a higher mountain, plus the weather was really cold. At the lodge it was -2ºC and up at the highest slopes it was probably -5º. Then on top of that we had a lot of cloud cover, wind and even snow. I think we got at least 10-15 cm of snowfall that day. Amazing. You remember all those text books in high school that show snowflake crystals. Well, you could see then when they landed on your clothes. For someone who had never previously seen snow it was amazing.

Apparently the snow is better on this day, although I found it difficult to board today because it was white on white on white.

Because I'm travelling down a bit faster today I took a couple of big falls. Nearly did my knee and ankle twice today ¬.¬

Tomorrow: Also Remarkables!

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