31 August 2008

NZ 31/08/08

1600 Auckland

Barry made me write this: "Thanks for resetting my watch". So there you go.

Hope you're happy.

Okay, today we went and visited Rangitoto Island. The Volcano rim is 198m high. We visited teh light house on the other side of the island. Then we went up to the rim. All in all a good three hour hike.

Oh! Catching the 9:15 ferry over, it was into the wind. Which was freezing! Made me wish that my gloves weren't in my suitcase! The temperature was around 15ÂșC which made for a nice walk. Got some great views of the scenery on the island and of the city from the lookout. Although soon after getting to the top my camera's batteries went flat any my spare set were in the hotel room.

Also finally got International roaming turned on my mobile. Yay! Can make calls now.

We are going to Orbit the revolving restaurant on the sky tower later this evening. It should be nice.

And Barry has just discovered that he bought a women's size glove. That's all that needs to be said there I think.

2100 Auckland

Dinner was very nice. A very reasonably prices 3 course meal. Views are great, though they do impart a mild feeling on nausea.

Tomorrow: Waitomo - Rotoroua

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