30 August 2008

NZ 30/08/08

1700 Auckland

Well we arrived okay. The Jetstar flight wasn't too bad. I've had better, but I've had much worse. I'm looking at you Tiger...

The Air NZ plane was smaller than what it was supposed to be. Again, not bad. More comfortable than the Jetstar flight. We arrived 30 minutes early, must of had some good tailwinds!

Brisbane Airport is okay if a little confusing. Coming from Darwin, it seems amazing that you have to catch a train to get to the international terminal. O.o Auckland airport is quite nice.

With our hire car (we went with budget), we got upgraded from a station wagon to a brand new Toyota Prado. It had done only 17 km on the clock when I drove it out of the lot. It's frickken huge. Very comfortable. It even has a aux in for an ipod so that should keep Billy happy.

We are just having a rest for a bit before going out before having an early night to recover.

Tomorrow: Auckland

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