30 August 2008

Kia Ora Everyone

Hi All.

Arrived in NZ okay, if not a little tired.

Auckland reminds me of Melbourne a great deal. Very nice weather.

Went to Rangitoto Island today. Had a good walk around. About 4 hrs in all. Going to Orbit the revolving restaurant tonight. Should be nice. In fact I have about an hour to go before I have to leave so this post'll be pretty brief.

We've done a quick shop for snacks for the road trip tomorrow down to Waitomo Caves in the morning then on to Rotorua in the afternoon. Probably about 5 hrs of driving all up.

And can you think we can find a 3.5" to 3.5" jack so we can plug our ipod/s into cd player? Rare as hen's teeth apparently...รต.o very strange.

So to was sunscreen. Hard to find. But that's may be there is very little of the body that gets exposed to the sun here on a regular basis.

Uhh, I'm keeping a better diary this time so I will probably post or edit more later.

But for now, immensely enjoying myself.

- Grover.

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