02 August 2008

Nose is Happy

I love perfumes and smelling good. I have 5 that I use regularly.

These are:

Green Irish Tweed by Creed
Body Kouros by YSL
Higher Energy by Dior
Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier
Cool Water by Davidoff

Thanks to eBay, I now can add these to my collection:

Millesime Imperial by Creed
Men by Vera Wang
Safari by Ralph Laurent

I have learnt that Creed perfumes are very different from mainstream perfume houses. Very different, but very nice.

Safari is an old favourite, I just haven't had it for a couple of years.

Vera Wang is new to me. Very nice.

I can retire Cool Water to a friend as I have the superior Green Irish Tweed, which smells 10 times better.

The Imperial, at first smelling, I thought the fragrance would not last long on the skin. But on the first day, it lasted all day and into the evening! It's base is fairly floral, but it's not girly at all.

- Grover.

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