18 August 2008

3­·5 Days and counting.

Last week of work before I go on holidays. And Thursday is my last day for the week.
Woot woot!
Then I've got the next week off at home to take it easy in the nice dry season that we are currently having. As well as anything more that needs to be done for holiday.
But before that, it looks like this week at work is just goint to be pure bedlam.
Hopefully I have seen the last of the acquittals for this quarter which I thought I had finished on Friday. But Today was a total wright off for anything else I need to get done before I leave.
I still need to journal a hits load of personnel to their correct cost centres. A big job. Probably all day Tuesday. Then on Wednesday have a three hour training thing in the morning, so that just leaves the afternoon and Thursday to finish up the rest of my work and train a co-worker in some reports that need to happen while I'm away.
Sweet Jesus Monkey Christ!
This holiday had better be worth it...
Yes, I'm complaing about my holiday already...22 hours of work to go.
- Grover

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