08 June 2007

Wot's all this about?

Now that tickets have been paid for and my leave has been approved, I guess that I can start posting stuff here…

This blog is going to track the progress and planning of the trip I am going to take to Japan in August and September. I also hope to update while I am on the trip itself so you can share it with me. ^.^ There will be cosplay, sushi, mountain climbing, engrish, miscommunications, hotsprings, more sushi, ramen and kimonos. I can't wait!!

I’ll also post other stuff that happens in my every day life. I don't offer any guarantees that it’ll be very interesting.

How did all this start?

In the Beginning…In the dusty recesses of last year, one of my friends said that he was planning a trip to Japan next year and wanted to know who wanted to come along. Me, being a huge fan of anime and manga, plus having read a bit of history on the place, said yes immediately.

So, there are going to be a group of 6 of us travelling together. Plus we are going to be meeting up with some more friends whilst in Japan as well.

The trip is going to be 3 ½ weeks long visiting the following places: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Mt Fuji and finally Tokyo again.

When we first get to Tokyo we are going to Comiket. And from what a friend who goes regularly to Japan has told me, it sounds like it is going to be an eye opener.

62 days to go…

- Grover

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