10 June 2007

And It's Cold!!!

I live in Darwin, which is in the tropical region of Australia. For most of the year is it quite hot with temperatures of around 32-35°C. At other times it is even hotter at mostly around 36-38°C, coupled with more humidity (up to 90% humidity at times).

Then as a present for putting with 9 months of hot humid weather, we sometimes get what we call the "Dry".

As it name suggests, we get almost no rain for this period. But the real good part is when southern Australia get a pressure system passing over it, it pushes the cold air of the desert further north. End result is wonderful, wonderful weather. Daily maximums of 29, humidity levels of around 30%. All of the Top End longs for the Dry to come. And every few years, we get an especially cold Dry. Of which this season looks like it will be a good one.

It was cold last night. Looking at the Bureau of Metrology, it says that it was 15°C in Darwin the night before and it was even colder last night. It was turn the fan off and sleep with socks on sort of night. Normally it doesn't get this cold until the middle of July, so it's a month early.

But it's all good because I love cold weather.

When I go to visit Mum and Dad in Queensland they will be coming off the end of winter so they will have nights of 5° and day of around 12. Looking forward to that too!

- Grover

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