13 June 2007

Work, Work, Work

God, today is dragging on.

Have work to do but don't feel very enthoused about doing it...-.-
Working at my japan job tonight so the owner can watch the state of origin. Meh, it'll be a quiet night, I'll be able to get some reading in ^.^

Edit: Take that you cockroaches! Pity it makes the 3rd game a dead rubber, but oh well, winning the origin makes up for it...

On the upswing,
just found out that Powerfinger and Silverchair are going to be performing a double act in Darwin in October. Sweetness. Tickets go on sale in early July. Must remember to buy. I remember going to Powderfinger ages ago at the casino lawns, they are a great band live. Both bands have released new albums recently too...

This is after the Triple J concert in Humpty Doo is bringing Something for Kate and Missy Higgins in July.

We also had Bass in the Grass a couple of weekends ago too. Had hip hop band Hilltop Hoods (who rocked btw), little fish (from Perth - female rock vocalist, she was also very good), Mammal (from Victoria) and Eskimo Joe.

I havn't seen so much good music in Darwin in ages (normally we are pretty starved for good bands).

- Grover

57 Days to go...
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