09 June 2007

Mildly NSFW Some Things Are Just Wrong....Is That Warning Enough?

Okay, some things are just wrong.

Taking that first mouthful of breakfast cereal, only to discover the milk is off. Discovering what is making the fridge smell. Trying to guess what said foodstuff was originally. Older women watching anal porn titles.

Didn't expect that, did you?

I work in a dvd rental store so I will have spending money while in Japan.

Women who are the age of my Mum should not be returning titles that have "Anal" and "Love Stories" in the title.
I'm sorry, but I think I have to make it the newest rule in my universe.

I'm not comfortable with the idea of a 50-year-old-women watching such a title. I try to tell myself that they are just returning a title that their husband has borrowed. This worked until one day, the lady who returned must have seen the expression on my face and said "Oh. It's not mine, I'm returning it for my son."

Excuse me? How is that better? Now I am squeamish to imagining the type of relationship you two have. I mean would any of you be comfortable letting your Mum know what type of porn you watch? Or that you watch porn at all for that matter?

Also, I get people who will choose the following movies: Lion King, The Wiggles Do Someting Silly, The Hooley Dooley: We're Not The Wiggles - Really!, Barbie and Something Sickingly Cute....and Assman # 4...

To say the least it's very, verry bizarre.

When I turned 18 and was able to hire adult movies, I use to wonder what those console operators use to think...now I know firsthand...I could have quite easily lived my life not knowing, but now the knowledge is there to stay in my brain.

As it is also now in yours...

Sharing. The gift that keeps giving, even when you wish it wouldn't...

- Grover

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