20 June 2007


I baby-sat my two nephews on Friday night while my sister and her husband went and escaped to the movies (they went and saw Ocean’s 13)

The older nephew just turned 3 and the younger one is about a year and a half old.

So I had to entertain two very attention hungry, mobile boys. It’s not as hard as what it could be as whatever the older child is doing, the younger one wants to do as well.

So mostly we played with all the dinosaur figures. The eldest loves dinosaurs or anything dinosaur related. To hear him say pterodactyl or tyrannosaurs rex is the cutest thing.

The youngest one went to bed easily enough. Just had to give him a bottle with some warmed milk for a bit then put him in his crib.

The older one was slightly more problematic. Plus he was starting to miss his Mum and Dad. But I was able to get him nice and quite in front of the TV watching Little Einstein’s and some juice. He fell asleep in about 20mins and I put him into his bed.

There is a saying that goes along the lines of: “There was no child so well behaved that his mother was not glad to put him asleep.”

I somewhat know the feeling of relief you can get from finally getting a child to go to sleep.

I then read some more Heretics of Dune.

It’s a really, really good book. Work is really cutting into my reading time…
The Bene Gesserit are starting to annoy me, and I wish that something comes along to skew up their plans. Although, the new Duncan Idaho seems to hold some promise in this regard.

- Grover

50 Days to go...
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Jezery said...

Darwin Library has a copy of the new "Hunters of Dune" if you're interested.

Although I'd strongly recommend reading the Legends of Dune books first (The Butlerian Jihad, The Machine Crusade and The Battle of Corrin)