13 October 2009

Push - Push back

I've just been going through some of my posts (fixing the many, many spelling errors :sweatdrop:) and I came across this post last year.

I use to follow the 100 pushups before I realised how much it was overtraining my arms and stopped. But on a whim I decided to do a quick exhaustion test (ie keep doing push ups until you can't to anymore).

My score? 30. The last one (see link), I managed to complete 28. So in the year and a half I have been seriously focused on kung fu has helped me keep up the strength in my arms and shoulders. Cool.

We don't train push ups because they set muscle strength in a limited range of motion. For practicioners of kung fu, we need to have a greater range of motion. If we did train in push-ups it would be counterproductive.

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