29 October 2009

Oh Happy Day!!

When I first got my practice jien, the first wet season it went through, a part of the guard warped and separated from the blade. This is because it was made in a very cold, low humidity and it is now in the exact opposite. So Sifu arranged to get it sent back to his friend who made it to get another one fixed.

Fast forward to a year -year and a half later, I finally got it back.

The reason was that get guy fixing it had one of those unexpected massive heart attacks and passed away. So Sifu had to wait until he went over to Alaska to visit before he could really get my sword and the rest of his back and send them back home.

But I have my sword back, just needed to glue the new guard plate back on and let it sit in clamps for a couple of days.

I had been using one of Sifu's swords in the mean time, although I gave that back yesterday. And I have to say that my forms feel really different now. I suppose it's just a matter of getting used to the feel of the sword (the weight, grip etc) again.

So yeah, very happy at the moment to have my sword back. I'll post a pic when I get home ^.^

Currently Reading: The Dwarves by Marcus Heitz

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