12 October 2009

All Good Things Must End?

It's a bit sad, but my second job is coming to an end today. I'm picking up my last paycheck tonight.

The store just isn't making enough warrant keeping me on for the couple of shifts that I do. While it's a bit unfortunate, I'm not that upset because the job isn't worth that much to me anymore.

When the previous manager was running it, I was making around $300-350 a week extra in my pocket (mind you I did put in a quite a few hours to get paid so well). But with the new manager I was lucky to get $150 a week (the hours got cut right down).

So while the job was very good for me in the sense that it paid for my trips to Japan and New Zealand, I'm not sad to be leaving it. I was starting to looking for another job closer to town anyway.

Now I just need a replacement so that I can keep saving for Europe. I'm thinking of finding some work in a restaurant bar or something like in hospitality the hourly rates are quite good ^.^

Here's to hoping...

- Grover

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