21 October 2009

Nearly Didn't Happen

I've been training with Sifu now for around two years.

In that time I have acquired some skills with the Jien (Chinese Straight Sword), including two forms (Liang yi Jien and San Tsai Jien), techniques and some drills (good forearm strength!).

Last night Sifu said as that I was (virtually) the only student who consistently serious about the jien, said that he would start teaching me Kun Wu Jien. He showed me the first 6 or so movements and I have to say I love the feeling and expression of the form already. It's a fairly long form at around 45 movements long. So while it will take a while to learn (and then years to master), it shouldn't take as long as Lian Yi Jien. As that was the first form I learnt and had to learn a great many steps and sword techniques just to be able to perform it.

I've seen a youtube video of Adam Hsu performing Kun Wu Jian and that is just incredible to watch.

Looking forward to the next couple months of sword classes :)

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