19 July 2008

More - See!!

Ah tired.

Friday night - well Saturday morning. As you may have noticed that I changed the title of blog as it contains things beyond (and before) my trip to Japan in 2007. Plus the thought of Grover as a ninja is amusing to me.

Must buy a good jacket for NZ. I don't have anything that will keep me warm in sub 10 degree temperatures.

Here is what I was thinking of getting: Link

Looks good, able to pair it up with other clothes for extra warmth, or it will be okay on it's own.

In other news:

AUD$1.00 = NZD$1.27

So it is like everything is on a 30% sale. Woot!

Heh, been reading some Japan blogs of other people. Brings back memories. I would like to go back some time. See more of Hakone and Hokkaido. But there is so much of the world that I want to see, another trip to Japan will have to wait.

Currently Reading: No Humans Involved.

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