21 July 2008

Exercise: It's good for you.

Okay tested myself for push-ups yesterday. Managed to do 21. Which means that today I get to do two sets of 10, one of 8, one of 6 and try for maximum (at least 7).

Yay. Lucky me.

Oh, have to tell you about training last Thursday.

Finally got to a training session with my teacher (I can't call him sifu yet, he is very traditional about things like that) after two weeks off sick.

It was the first lesson back so I suppose I should know better than to go too hard too soon. But I haven't learnt that lesson yet, and it doesn't look like I will start anytime soon.

Anyway. Arrived late - forgot the class now starts at 6 not 6:15. So, straight into stances. They all have names, which I can't remember. But suffice to say, they are not easy to hold. And if they ever feel easy then you are not doing them right.

Anyways, I was doing them and putting a lot of effort into them and the last Maboo I went down to nearly as low as teacher, mostly managed to hold it, then when we finished, you straighten to a standing position.

And all sounds suddenly faded as my sense of hearing went. It felt as though all the blood in my body was in my head and I could feel this prickling sensation going up to the top of my scalp. And I remember a part of my brain thinking "That's it. I'm having a brain aneurysm, I'm going to die." But then decided that sitting down while I was able to was the best idea, I was able to breath better and the feelings of imminent death subsided. It took me about 10 minutes
to get back to normal. But it was actually scary for a moment to two.

Fun times.

- Grover

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