06 November 2008

It's a new car!!

After a long period of procrastination (over a year in fact), I finally got my self a new car.

It's a 2007 VW Golf GT.

Metalic Blue
1.4 TSI Engine
6 speed sequential gear box.
5 door

It's very sweet. Great ride. Handles extremely well. It was a demonstration model in the car yard. It's only done 7000 kms, and for that they knocked $8500 off the price.

I've had it for 2 days and I've already done nearly 200kms in the thing.

I like it because it sort of goes under the radar a bit. It's not like the Impreza or a Mini which stand out like dogs balls. But when you look closely the styling makes it look a lot bigger than what it actually is (especially it's very nice rear).

Plus having that TSI engine can make it a lot of fun if you want it to. If not, just put it in drive and treat it like a nomal auto.

I'm very impressed so far with it.

Will post some pics when I'm more organised (ha! I hear you say).

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