09 July 2007

Nothing But Blue Skys Over Me

Well, it seems like I am on the mend. Headache is almost gone. Don't feel so drowsy any more. Still got a sore throat, which air-conditioning exacerbates. But feeling not too bad. As daytime tv is so bad, I hired some stand up performances by Billy Connelly. He is, by far, one of my favourite comedians. The only one who tops him in my book is Bill Cosby.

Wow, thanks to this cold I have, I haven't managed to catch up with any of the other people coming on the trip.

Oh! But I have found some things to do in Hakone. Each of us have been given a area/city with which to gather some points of interest that we will see when we get there. After much searching and some advice from some friends of friends who have lived in Japan, I finally found some good places to go.

The Outdoor Art Museum looks great. The Hakone Glass Forest is apparently a must see. There is a part of the old road to Lake Ashinoko which has some historic temple at the end of it (plus a good vantage for taking pictures of Fuji-san). Taking the cable car up to Tozan.There is a board walk through some wetlands (though it will be summer so not sure how appealing it will be then). And having a ride back across the lake in a 'Pirate' ship is recommended. One of those 'so bad it's good' kind of things.

So there is a bit to think about...

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