06 July 2007

If Yer Sick, Give Work The Flick

People who come into work sick. I hate them.

I have just gone back to my old workplace after 13 months in another department. There has, during the previous week, a nasty cold that struck down no less than 4 people. Some of these people were not feeling 100% on Monday, but decided to come in anyway. I have not been back at work for not even a whole week and I have already caught what everyone else has...Not happy Jan.

I work for the State (well, Territory) Government, and each and everyone of us gets 3 weeks of sick leave a year. If you are sick, you take the f*cking day off. You don't come into work so you can give it to other people. I am annoyed at my work colleagues because
I have a propensity to get secondary chest infections from these little colds and flu's that take me weeks to get over. Hopefully, this will just turn out to be a head cold and will f*ck off in a couple of days.

- Grover

34 Days to go...
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