07 May 2009

Planning for UK/Europe 2010.

Well I've hardly finished putting up all the entries from New Zealand 2008 and I'm already planning a trip to UK/Europe in 2010.
It appears I've been well and truly bitten by the travel bug.
I've been careful when taken recreation leave for the last couple of years so that I could build up the maxium credit (I'm actually two days in excess of the maximum). Plus I have Long Service due around the middle March nex year.
I have been thinking of what to do with my long service ever since I had accrued 7 years worth pf service in 2007. Nothing definate, but just keeping it in the back of my mind that I'll have three months with which to do something.
Then at the start of the year, Mum mentioned that my great Aunt in England is turning 80 and that she and Dad (along with half a dozen other family members), are planning to travel over for it and visit the UK for a month in 2010 and would I be interested in coming along.
I said of course immediately yes. Then that got me thinking. If I stay longer and use recreation leave until my long service accural date then I would be able to take my long service as well.
So the plan at the moment is as follows.
18 Jan 10 - Fly to England
19/01-18/02/10 - Looking at Wales, Ireland, Lakes district, London.
19/02/10 - Wave goodbye to family as they going back home.
20-28/02/10 - Scotland
March - 1st wk of April France and Spain.
2nd - 3 wk of April - France again, Hungary, Chech Rp
4th wk of April - France again.
May - Denmark/Sweden/Norway
June - Netherlands/Belgium/Tour de Mont Blanc
July - Italy-Austria
August - France
September - France/England fly home.
It's a bit of a strange itinerary I know, but that's because I might be meeting up with a friend and do Italy-France together.
Although it's all subject to change ^.^
- Grover

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