29 April 2009

Weathers, they are a changing.

So it's two days away from the official start of the Dry season (what we call our winter), and already there has been a big change towards cooler temperatures.
No joke, it's as if someone has flicked a switch to make it cooler, the change has been that sudden.
Everyone is now talking about how low the humidity is, and how cool it was last night. It got down to 21°C, with humidity hanging around 50%. This is down from 26-27, and humidity can remain over 70%
Although to give this a perspective, we spend most of the year in hot to very hot conditions. With humidity from high to very high. So any time the weather conditions change like this it's very noticeable.
So you can understand how we get so excited for the Dry season. It the best time of year and everyone longs for the dry season to arrive. I'll start to see people wearing old, worn jumpers about town soon. You can tell that they have been in storage since last year. They are really out of date fashion too, because people keep them for years because they only get used a couple of months every year. Then get stored again.
It's just amusing to see everyone so excited and talking about it. You can tell the seasons in Darwin by the conversations that go around the office.
- Grover

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