09 September 2007

The Reef

Hi All.
Just come back from being at the reef. Was quite a nice day out on the ocean.
We went to Oyster Bay and someplace else. Oyster Bay was quite good. Lots of coral and reef fish to see. The second dive site was not as good, although we did see a HUGE stingray and a white-tipped reef shark sleeping. Although we kept our distance from them both.
The water was nice, around 26 degrees, I hope I put on enough sunscreen as the sun was quite fierce. We'll see later tonight.
Tired now. Going to go back to my hotel and have a nice shower and then crash. I'm off to the Atherton Tablelands (now called "Cairns Highlands") tomorrow...
Finally I'll get some chance to rest ^.^ It has been a long week...
Ja ne.
- Grover

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