08 September 2007

Cairns, Here I Am.

Hi All.
While the rest of my friends are back in Darwin and back at work, I am currently in Cairns on my way to visit Mum and Dad.
I went white water rafting on the Tully River (it's rated 3-4). Had an awesome time. I was in a raft with 5 spanish tourists and one from Brazil. They were really funny. But the funniest were the rafts that had all the japanese tourists on them. One had a Japanese guide (fairly aussie though). When they went down their first rapid, he made them duck down and hang on, then he looked over to us and crossed himself and made praying motions. So funny. Then they would be going down a grade 4 rapid (which is starting to get fairly lively), and all the japanese would be waving at the camerman and waving their paddles around. We got a great deal of enjoyment from watching them throughout the day. Another guide would just look at us and shake his head.
The water is freezing, but the sun was hot so got sunburnt on my legs.
Off to the reef tomorrow. Going with Ocean Spirit...

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