22 August 2007

Kyoto - The Home That Isn't Home Because Everyone Is Speaking Japanese

Hi All.

Am currently in Kyoto. It's really nice. Not nearly as hetic as Tokyo. We are staying at the Nishiyama Hotel. It is really sweet. Nice rooms. Close to the train station. Highly recommended.

I have had the traditional breakfast today and yesterday.

It generally consists of: fish, tofu, salad, omlet, tea, rice, japanese pickles and a serving of grapefruit. It doesn't look like much on the tray, but it is very filling. We have pictures.

We went to the Gold and Silver pavilions (Kinkaku and Ginkaku) today. The Silver one isn't, as it's name suggests, silver. But is instead is just wood. But it is one of the best zen temples in Kyoto. Very cool. The gold pavilion, is actually gold. It is three stories tall and the upper two are covered in gold leaf. Even cooler.

We also went along the philosophers walk - a famous trail that runs along a river. Apparently Musashi (famous samurai) walked along it.

The Day before we went and hired some bikes from a rental place (go to Kyoto trains station, head towards Kyoto Tower, head right a little) and rode around. It makes it an easy way of covering large distances easily. Hills were a little bit hard. Although hiring cannondales did make it easier. You can buy a cycling map for 100 yen. BUY A COPY! IT IS WORTH IT'S WEIGHT IN GOLD!! Spend a bit of time studying it and have the locations marked out beforehand. This will help you from getting hopelessly lost (we got ourselve lost no less than three times that day). It will make for an enjoyable day.

Make sure you go to the water temple.

Plan to spend about 4-5 dollars on each temple/shrine you are going to visit. 400 yen seems to be the going rate...

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