17 August 2007

Fly Me To The Moon, Just Drop Me Off At Japan

Hi All.

I think we can all agree that I am a terrible updater, but here we go...

I am in Japan (and have been so for about 8 days). This is the first chance I have had to get to a internet cafe...

First up the trip. I don't recommend anyone travel on Tiger. The trip out of Darwin to Singapore was the most uncomfortable trip that I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing. Just sitting in the normal upright position was damn uncomfortable. The Sing - Tokyo on Singapore Airlines was absolute bliss. One of the nicest journeys that I have ever had. Which was heaven after Tiger...

We are staying in Ikebukuro which is interesting as there are love hotels, literally, everywhere. Have gone into a lot of anime shops (and figurine and manga) here and in Shibuya and Shinjuku. It's really wild.

We went up to Nikko on Day four (just when I had the route back from the train station sorted out >.<). That is really pretty country. We went for what turned out to be a mammoth walk through some very nice scenery. I was able to take some amazing photos.

Oh yes, I bought the big brother of the camera I was looking at earlier (the Cannon Powershot S5IS not the S3IS). It was about 50500 yen (so $500). Cheap. Thinking of getting the wide angle adaptor that is an accessory. It is worth about $150 here, will have to check to see if it is worth getting here.

Wonderfest was interesting. Amazing to see how popular Evangelion still is, apparently there is a "new" movie comming out while we are here. We won't understand it, but that won't stop me ^.^

Oh! (cue fanboy squeal). I met Naruto! Well some one dressed as him... There was a display thingy on in Sunshine 60 (huge buidling) of Naruto (plus a preview of the next movie - looked quite good. Have to see that too...). I got my picture taken with Naruto - I was the only "adult" who did so. Ahhh, the fanboy in me was content that day ^.^

I'll see if I can some how get the photos up here sometime after I come back...

And it' hoooot. Record temperatures across all of Japan. It has turned cool this evening, I think there is a storm on the way, but the rest of the time here in Japan has been very sweaty. Sweat + walking all day. Do the sums, get the picture...yeah.

The days have been really long and right now it it 2330 and we are going to Komiket tomorrow.

So that'll do now that I know where this place is.

Ja ne

- Grover

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