10 August 2009

Movin' Right Along...

Heh, my brother-in-law finally gave me one of his old bikes to cycle to work.

I only live 2kms away from where I work, so it's ideal for me to be able to ride back and forth around town.

In fact I can ride quicker than what it takes me to drive to the carpark then walk to work.

So, I'm not using fuel during the week, I'm also saving at least $12 a week on parking fees (I know that it's not very expensive but that's still $600 a year).

However the greatest thing I should save money on is how much I spend on lunchs and drinks and snacks throughout the day. By eating lunch at home instead of buying lunch so that should save nearly $100 or so a week. Quite shocking when you think about it.

Another benefit is that I can more easily fit in some Baji practice into my day. Whereas before I was struggling to fit it into my day.

I'm able to get it done in around 20-25 minutes, then have a shower,lunch, then head back to work.

It makes for a busy day, but at one filled with lots of positives!! ^.^

- Grover.

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