30 January 2008

I'm not lazy. Honest!

Wow. So much for my declaration to continue blogging.

In case you are all wondering the pillow is doing a great job of supporting my head while I sleep.

The monsoons are a week or two away and we have been getting a lot of rain. We even had our first cyclone for the season. Yay. A category 2 and was a big wind and lots of rain.

I have been reading a great deal lately. A sample:

Moving Pictures
Reaper Man
Witches Abroad
Command Decision
Stormed Fortress
The Coming of Conan

There is talk with the friends that I went to Japan with to go to New Zealand for a skiing holiday. I was looking at fares to NZ. Really cheap. $150 to get from Sydney to Christchurch and back. Cheap.

I have also been attacking the 20GB folder of photos from Japan trip. I'll see about updating some of the Japan posts with some of the pictures of where we went, what we did.

And I must post about the Horror house in Fuji Q land.


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